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Why should people looking for housing use the Housing Hub?

The Housing Hub has a number of benefits over other ways of looking for housing:

  • Connecting with appropriate housing providers is quicker and easier
  • Potential housing options are made clearer
  • It contains useful information, guides and resources to help you think about your housing options and plan your move
  • Housing providers learn more about your housing needs and preferences

Who can look for vacancies on the Housing Hub?

  • NDIS participants (with or without Specialist Disability Accommodation or Informing Housing Solutions (IHO), previously EHOP, in their plan)
  • People with disability who are yet to join the NDIS
  • People with disability who are ineligible for the NDIS
  • People with disability who have received compensation payouts
  • People with disability with Aged Care Assessments (ACAS/ACAT)

Information on eligibility for different housing types is available on the Housing Hub site.

What types of housing is advertised on the Housing Hub?

A wide range of housing types are advertised on the Housing Hub. For a detailed explanation of each type of housing, please see our list of housing types.

The housing I want doesn’t exist – what do I do next?

There is a shortage of housing for all Australians, particularly for people with disability. This website will capture what types of housing people search for, and we will give this information to government and housing developers. They will use this information to build the types of housing people with a disability want, including the type of property, size and location. As the NDIS roles out, there should be more disability housing built, and more opportunities for people with disability to have real choice and control about their housing options.Until this happens, you might consider working with your support coordinator, or your tenancy support worker, to explore other options, such as private rental, or sharing with other people.

I have high support needs, but am not eligible for SDA or IHS. How do I get accessible housing?

If you have an NDIS Plan, but don’t qualify for SDA/Informing Housing Solutions, you can still get help with housing. If you require home modifications to your existing home, you can talk to your planner or LAC about what you need. You can also ask your planner or LAC about how to get some assistance about exploring your housing options.People who live in areas that haven’t yet transitioned to the NDIS should use their existing supports to explore housing, or find a housing worker through a local agency to help them.

How do I find a person to share a house with?

Currently, there is no central place that you can find a suitable person to share housing with. In Victoria, Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and community housing providers rely on their internal systems to match up people they think might fit in an existing property.As the NDIS rolls out and people with disability experience greater choice and control, they will be able to make decisions about who they want to live with or share a house with. In the meantime, people with disability looking to share housing with another person should still contact their responsible state government department, community housing provider or support coordinator to seek assistance in finding a suitable match.

Over time, as the NDIS roles out and people with disability have more choice and control they will be able to find a person themselves to set up a share house, but in the meantime you will have to contact DHHS, community providers, or support coordinators to help you find the right person for you

How do I find out about new SDA building opportunities?

It is an exciting time for developers building new properties for people with disability. Many private companies are advertising new opportunities, so your support coordinator or local area coordinator (LAC) can help you look.

I don’t want to move, I just want to fix up where I live now. Is there any support to do this?

There are a few options for making a house more disability accessible. If you have an NDIS Plan, you can ask your planner about home modifications.If you are over 60, and live in Victoria, you can apply to the government for a loan to renovate your home.

How can I buy my own house?

Home ownership for people with disability is very low, about 13% compared with 70% for the Australian community. There are some organisations, including banks, that are working with individuals, to find new solutions to increase home ownership for people with disability. This might involve exploring whether some of your SDA NDIS funding can be used towards getting a mortgage. These conversations are at the early stage, and it is not yet clear how this will happen. Ask your Support Coordinator or Local Area Coordinator (LAC) if you have one through NDIS to help you.