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Below is a list of housing developers who build housing for individuals and families.

Contact the housing developer to determine if their housing is right for you.

Freedom Housing (Australia-wide)

Freedom Housing is a care and housing model designed specifically for the needs of the persons with disabilities as well as the needs of their families.

It gives those who require early intervention care and up to 24/7 very high care the option of living in a conventional house or apartment with their partners, children, family members, friends, housemates: or even alone, if they so prefer.

Visit freedomhousing.com.au.

Illowra Projects (Victoria)

Illowra Projects develop Customised Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) to meet the specific needs of people with a disability. Illowra Projects believe that everyone’s needs are different, and that SDA should be specifically designed to meet individual needs. We work with participants and families to explore the possibility of developing and owning their own SDA.

Visit www.illowraprojects.com.au.

SDA Options (Victoria)

SDA Options is a developer of secure, new-build homes specifically designed for NDIS participants with very high physical support needs.

Working with a national award-winning builder, all our homes meet the NDIS new build Specialist Disability Accommodation criteria and the Liveable Housing Australia Guidelines.

Visit www.sdaoptions.com.au.