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Looking for Somewhere to Live Guide

This guide explains how you can access and make the most of NDIS funding to look for housing.

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Specialist Disability Accomodation (SDA) Payments Guide

This guide explains what specialist disability accommodation (SDA) payments are, who they are paid to and how they are accessed. For people who have SDA payments included in their NDIS Plan, it explains how to make the most of this funding.

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The Pathway to SDA

The pathway to work our if you’re eligible for SDA payments can be confusing. This roadmap outlines all the steps involved in applying for SDA and includes links to related resources.

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Using SDA to Buy Your Own Property

For people receiving SDA payments, home ownership may be an option. The NDIS participant, or their family, can buy a property and use their SDA payments to cover the mortgage. This resource outlines the steps and requirements involved in using SDA payments to purchase your own property.

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My Housing Preferences

This tool helps you think about where you want to live, who you would like to live with and the type of housing that you would like to live in. You can use this tool to tell your housing story and work out your housing goals.

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The Housing Toolkit

Launched on 11 June 2013, the Housing Toolkit is for people with disability who require a high level of support and their families, to support decision-making regarding housing and support options within the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

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Sample NDIS Plans

The Summer Foundation has developed sample NDIS plans to share with people aged under 65 years living in, or at risk of entering, residential aged care (RAC) and their families, supporters, guardians or nominees.

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Practice Guide

The Practice Guide is a tool for anyone working with people 65 years and younger, living in or at risk of living in nursing homes. It provides guidance for people supporting and advocating for young people in nursing homes, particularly when it comes to them accessing the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

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