Specialist Provider Housing


Rent Cost: To Affordable Rental Standards (+SDA if approved) Number of Bedrooms for Rent: 3-9 Total Number of Bedrooms: 3-9 Number of Bathrooms: 3-9


Wheelchair accessible Accessible BathroomAccessible ShowerAmbulant ToiletRails in Bathroom Air ConditionerSplit System Wide Doorways Accessible Kitchen Accessible Parking Close to shops Good lighting


Gender of tenants: Social diversity is designed per Participant group. Age of applicants: Open to Adults


Disability Support: YES (Other) Support Provider: Our Homes are managed by a NDIS SDA Registered Community Housing Group who partners with the agreed support provider.

Supports are provided to meet the needs of the Participant group the home is designed for.


Takle Developments build Affordable Disability Accommodation where it is required by demand.

For more details and downloads, visit www.takle.com.au