Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA)

SDA Registered: YES Building Class: Existing Building Building Type: Group home Design Category: Fully Accessible


Rent Cost: 100% of rent assistance (CRA) and 25% of disability support pension (DSP) Number of Bedrooms for Rent: 1 Total Number of Bedrooms: 5 Number of Bathrooms: 2


Parking Air Conditioner


Other Tenants: 3 Age of applicants: Open to Adults


Disability Support: YES (24/7) Support Provider: Samaritans

Samaritans is a local disability service provider offering support as individual as you are. Samaritans offers quality supported accommodation with excellent staff who support you to achieve your dreams. Samaritans supported accommodation encourages the development of living skills and provides advocacy and assistance.


Samaritans currently has a vacancy (1) in a five-bedroom home. Located in Jilliby this property is located on a picturesque acreage.

The home features five bedrooms, two large bathrooms, a large open plan kitchen and dining area, ducted air conditioning and an in-ground pool and is fully wheelchair accessible.

This home is in the Central Coast hinterland yet only five minutes from Wyong, ten minutes from Tuggerah and five minutes from the M1 Motorway.

The current housemates are aged between 50-70. The residents all enjoy a variety of activities including attending concerts and shows, shopping, visiting the local beaches, clubs, cafes and sporting events, as well as helping with feeding the chickens and budgies. An ideal environment to assist in building independence with daily living skills.