Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA)

SDA Registered: YES Building Class: New Building Building Type: Duplex, Villa or Townhouse Design Category: Fully Accessible


Number of Bedrooms for Rent: 1 Total Number of Bedrooms: 3 Number of Bathrooms: 1


Other Tenants: 2 Gender of tenants: The current Duplex has male and female residents. Age of applicants: Open to Adults


Disability Support: YES (Other) Support Provider: Alkira Centre

The house provides support from 6.00 to 10.00am and support in the afternoon and evenings from 2.30-10.30pm with a sleepover support model at night. The house does not provide support coverage during the day except for Public Holidays, planned holidays and resident illnesses.


Applications close on 27/07/2019

Where is this house?

  • The house is located in Nunawading.
  • This house is in proximity to a bus stop.
  • This house is located near Chase shopping centre.

 About this property 

  • This Duplex comprises of six bedrooms. 
  • This Duplex has two lounge rooms.
  • This house has two bathrooms.
  • This house has two lounge rooms.
  • The vacant bedroom is in a three bedroom duplex that is attached to a second three bedroom duplex upstairs, separated by a flight of stairs. 


  • The house is wheelchair accessible. 
  • The design category for this house is Fully Accessible.


  • The house provides support in the mornings, as well as in the afternoons and evenings with a sleepover support model at night. There is no coverage during the day when residents are not at home.

About the vacant room

  • The room has built in wardrobes.
  • There is air-conditioning and heating in the room.

Who lives in this house?

  • The current residents are male and female. 
  • The age of current residents is 49 and 58 years,

Things you need to know

  • The applicant is aged 18 years or over. 
  • This is an enrolled Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) property. Therefore, the applicant would need to be eligible for the appropriate SDA level of funding in their NDIS plan. 
  • The applicant has the financial means to pay rent and utilities and is prepared to sign (or for a representative to sign) a residential agreement. 
  • The building type for this house is a Duplex.
  • The Design category for this house is Fully Accessible.

How can I get more information about this house?

  • Please contact East Division Vacancy Coordination Team at eastvct@dhhs.vic.gov.au.  

Open for inspection and registration 

  •  You can inspect this house on Monday 15 July and Thursday 18 July 2019 or by appointment.
  • Please contact East Division Vacancy Coordination Team at eastvct@dhhs.vic.gov.au to register your name.