Specialist Provider Housing


Rent Cost: To Affordable Rental Standards (+ SDA where approved) Number of Bedrooms for Rent: 3-9 Total Number of Bedrooms: 3-9 Number of Bathrooms: 3-9


Gender of tenants: Gender Diversity is established on a home by home basis Age of applicants: Open to Adults


Disability Support: YES (Other) Support Provider: Our homes are managed by our partner NDIS SDA Registered Community Housing Groups who partner with a selected Provider


The MaiTakle Family Trust through Takle Developments are fully invested in providing Affordable Accommodation to the Disability Sector.

Through our Social Enterprise we are providing a simple path for Participants to register on our Disability Accommodation List, engage with us and receive an offer for housing in areas where it is needed.

Our affordable disability accommodation initiative is a result of a great collaboration between us and Community Housing Groups.

We have had the pleasure of being mentored in this area by one of Victoria's leading disability accommodation providers.

When designing our accommodation model we were very clear about our objectives;
We ensure that what we offer passes many tests including;
High functionality for our Participant Tenants
Tenant demand for each home
Rent tenures of between 5 & 20 years or more, a home that can be your forever home
Pre-Construction Lease Commitment guaranteeing you security of placement
Financial Viability.

Each home must past a financial stress test before offer to ensure it lasts for the long term
Rental meeting Affordable Housing standards (+ SDA where applicable)
Environmentally Sustainable Design, water, power and thermal efficiencies.

Each home is managed by one of our Partner NDIS SDA Registered Community Housing Groups who partner with a SIL provider to ensure your supports are well catered for and the day to day management of the home is handled by an organisation highly responsive to the needs of our Tenants and the relevant State Legislation the accommodation is registered under.