Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA)

SDA Registered: YES Building Class: Existing Building Building Type: Duplex, Villa or Townhouse Design Category: Basic


Rent Cost: Rent is charged at 25% of Disability Support Pension and 100% of Rent Assistance plus 100% of Energy Supplement or equivalent. Board and utilities are charged at 50% of Disability Support Pension or equivalent. Number of Bedrooms for Rent: 4 Total Number of Bedrooms: 5 Number of Bathrooms: 4


Wheelchair accessible Parking


Other Tenants: 1 Age of tenants: 22 - 22 Gender of tenants: Male Age of applicants: Open to Adults


Disability Support: YES (24/7) Support Provider: Quality Health Care

The Discover team is highly experienced in mental health, trauma and disability. The support offered is person centred and follows the Quality Health Care Practice Framework which provides a focus for team members in understanding the support requirements and preferences of the people we support, understanding experience, context and needs to ensure our practice contributes to a more positive quality of life.


Discover is located in Toongabbie, Western Sydney and this model consists of 5 Villas; 1 X 2 bedroom and 3 X 1 bedroom. The property is modern in style and has a number of communal spaces, both indoors and outdoors that enable residents to socialise, relax or join in on activities.

The property is spacious and each of the villas have a similar layout consisting of lounge, kitchen, bathroom and laundry area. Each villa is furnished but with room to decorate to own tastes.