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Is the Housing Hub free to use for people looking for housing?

Yes! The Housing Hub will remain free to use for anyone who is looking for housing.

It doesn’t cost anything to search for vacancies or browse through the resources available.

We are committed to providing a platform where anybody can browse the properties available and contact the Housing Provider at no cost to the individual.

How much does it cost for housing providers to list a property?

The Housing Hub is currently free of charge for Housing Providers – it doesn’t cost anything to list vacancies. Listings have been sponsored by state governments in 2018.

From Late 2019:

  • We will introduce a fee per listing for an introductory price of $132 per listing, including GST.
  • Each published listing will expire 4 months (124 days) from the time they are first published.
  • You may unpublish and republish a listing as many times as you like during the 4 month period.
  • When a listing has expired, it will be automatically unpublished.
  • To republish an expired listing will cost $55 (INC GST). For example, if a property is being relet after the 4 month period has expired, it will need to be republished.
  • Each republished listing will expire 4 months (124 days) from the time they are republished.
  • Please Note: Listing fees are for one address, regardless of how many tenants reside at the address. Multiple addresses within the same complex will attract their own listing fee (for example: 1/1 Dream St, Melbourne and 2/1 Dream St, Melbourne).

You will not be asked to enter any payment information until Late 2019. When you wish to publish a listing on or after this date, you will be prompted to complete a simple checkout process. First you will be asked to enter your billing address and after the payment process has been completed you will be sent a receipt via email to the registered email address you entered. Your listing will not be published until you complete the checkout process.

How are the proceeds from paid listings used?

As a not-for-profit social enterprise, the Housing Hub will rely on the listing fees charged to operate the website, continue to expand its features and to grow the number of users.

During the rollout stage we have been supported by government departments in Victorian, New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland.

Going forward, in order to continue to maintain the Housing Hub and expand it to better meet the needs of our stakeholders, we need to generate income to cover our costs.

Our goal will be to continue to facilitate communication between the following stakeholders in Australia:

  • People with Disability who are looking for housing
  • Housing Providers, who are looking for tenants or buyers
  • Families and friends of people with disability
  • Support workers who assist people with disability
  • Government departments who need greater insight into the accessible housing market
  • Housing Developers, who are keen to meet housing demand