Personal Stories

Ben’s Journey

The motive to look for alternative accommodation for their son was two-fold: For Ben, it was about his independence; for Gary and Cheryl it was about who would look after Ben in the future.

Kirby’s SDA dream come true

Kirby finally has her own space again, making her own choices. See how Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) has helped Kirby achieve her dream to live independently again in her own home.

Property Developer, Keith Fagg shares his experience building SDA

Property Developer, Keith Fagg talks about his motivation for building Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA).

Kristie powers ahead

Hub News chatted with Kristie McCarthy about how she manages her NDIS plan, her move towards living more independently and ‘the one that got away’ in the 2013 Powerchair Football Cup Final. Read more

I had a dream

“I have always dreamed of living in the city, a reality I am yet to accomplish”  

Read more about Jono’s dream to live with greater freedom and independence in the city.